Thursday, November 16, 2017

Sims 3 - Bloodsport II (Jared Frio versus Chong Li) Chapter 1

After getting his rear-end handed to him by Frank Dux...Chong Li had an epiphany. He still didn't like Westerners very much...but he realized that he needed to settle down...and become a better person. He spent several months in Sunset Valley and he'd heard about this fellow who was a real nasty piece of work by the name of Jared Frio. Having had his awakening to try to be a better man, he realized that he needed to put this Frio character on the ground and teach him a lesson about not being so nasty to people. Nobody would be mean to women in front of Chong Li, not if they wanted to live to tell the tale.

But Chong Li, after having been defeated by Dux was a patient man. He would have the people of Sunset Valley lead him to Jared Frio and there he would challenge the would-be bully of Sunset Valley to a showdown.

Chong Li had heard whispers while he was at the park about Jared Frio being a menace to those around him and what Li heard was music to his ears. He would have fun crushing Jared Frio when their paths crossed. He did have Frank Dux to thank for one thing. Taking up the cause of the innocent was much more fulfilling than being a nasty ne'er do well martial artist; a villain by any name was still a villain. And Chong Li, well, he still had a mean streak but he wanted to walk on the right side and frankly people like Jared Frio just rubbed him the wrong way.

He had not been working out as much as he had used to be and had lost some major muscle mass, but he was still intimidating. He resolved that the Chong Li of the past was back...and woe betide the man who chose to take out his aggressions on defenceless women. He was going to teach Jared Frio a lesson he wouldn't forget...if he survived it. Chong Li figured that his first stop would be at the gym, so that he could get his muscles working again the way he felt familiar with.

Li found himself an unoccupied weight machine which he gladly took and sat down at. Others who had wanted to use the machine drew back at the determined, menacing look on his face.

Repetition after repetition of weights; Li pushed his body, sweating under the load and his muscles screamed in protest and pain, however the man just pushed harder and his body acquiesced to the torture that he was putting it through.

He would not rest, he would not give up...and he was going to get back into shape.

Jared Frio, once Li had gotten a hold of him, would regret every woman that he had abused verbally and psychologically.

Dinner meant casing out the place where Jared Frio worked. And Li was biding his time. It was a good meal and made even tastier by the nervous look on the head line-cook's face as Li locked eyes with him, narrowing them and giving him a bloodthirsty grin and a look that said, "I'm waiting for you...but I pick the time...and the place."

Returning home from the meal, he grinned another bloodthirsty grin at his bathroom mirror and congratulated himself on a well-timed bit of intimidation.

Chong Li smiled in his sleep; it was good for once, to be on the side of the good guys. The Beast from the East was back and thirsty for blood. And only the blood of a vicious jerk being bloodied to a pulp by his fists would satisfy this Beast. His thirst would be quenched: one way or another. Such was the kumite of Bloodsport which h-ell and fury would rain down on Sunset Valley.